A cabinet soared 5,000 knives, the shipping costs once again soaring! India adjusted import, autumn fair official announcement offline, and other | this week foreign trade events this week


The boat company rose in prices again in August

With the peak season and continued congestion in major ports around the world, starting in August, large ship companies began collecting congestion fees and various additional value-added surcharges. Circular connector types, pin header and reflectors for motorcycles should be noted.

Herbert: From August 15, Value Added surcharge (VAD) will be exported to the United States and Canada in the United States and Canada. $4000 and $5000.

 MSC:9 charges from May 1 for goods exported from South China and Hong Kong to the United States and Canada, as follows:

 USD 800/20DV;USD 1000/40DV;

 USD 1125/40HC;USD 1266/45′

Star: Add port congestion surcharge and destination freight to the United States and Canada. Specific arrangements are as follows:

Effective 1 August, PCS:1000/USD DDC:1000/USD;2021.

Effective 6 August, PCS:5000/USD DDC:1000/USD;2021

Mason ship: From August 5, it added $2,000 per cabinet, which is the third round of port congestion fees rising on June 10. After three port congestion fees, the 45-foot cabinet is as high as $5,697!

The Canton Fair.

Autumn Fair officially announced online + offline.

 On July 21, the Ministry of Commerce on the official website of the news announced that the 130th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) will be held online and offline between October 15 and November 3, with a total extension period of 20 days. This is the first offline return of the Canton Fair since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

Offline exhibition will be held in three phases according to the convention. Each exhibition lasts 4 days, with a total area of 1.185 million square meters and about 60,000 standard booths, and representatives of overseas institutions / enterprises in China and domestic buyers will be invited to attend the meeting. Online exhibition will increase the development of functions suitable for offline application scenarios and offline drainage functions.


Make anti-dumping preliminary for Chinese zips and their accessories

On July 14th, 2021, The Peru National Competition and Intellectual Property Protection Agency Commission issued Announcement No.205-2021 / CDB-INDECOPI in the official daily newspaper The Peruvian Journal (El Peruano), Anti-dumping preliminary for Chinese zippers and their accessories (Spanish: cierres de cremallera y sus partes), Preliminary adjudication of $4.84 / kg temporary anti-dumping tax on imported offshore (FOB) metal zips not exceeding $23.29 / kg, and temporary anti-dumping tax of $2.11 / kg on other material zips not exceeding $44.26 / kg, A temporary anti-dumping tax of $0.66 / kg on zip accessories not exceeding $9.28 / kg.

The announcement shall take effect from the next day of its promulgation and is valid for 6 months. The Peruvian tax numbers for the products involved are 9607.11.00.00,9607.19.00.00, and 9607.20.00.00.

The European Union

Carbon tariffs were imposed from 2026

The Commission proposed a 14 July package proposal for climate change to achieve the goal of at least 55% reduction in net EU greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 compared to 1990 levels. As part of achieving the EU’s carbon emissions targets, commonly known as the “carbon boundary regulatory mechanism” (CBAM) for carbon tariffs, has also unveiled the “veil” in the proposal.

The EU said it will tax imports from countries and regions with relatively loose carbon emission restrictions, mainly including steel, cement and fertilizers. By the Commission, 2023 and 2025. The Carbon Boundary Adjustment Mechanism is scheduled to be implemented in 2026, a move that will effectively protect European companies.

The EU plans to crack down on unbranded car parts

The EU Collective Immunities Rule (Block Exemption Regulation) allows independent vehicles to use cheaper aftermarket parts without manufacturer-branded parts; however, the EU is currently conducting public consultation to change this rule. EU changes to the rules will also affect the UK because it has to follow the new changes under the Brexit agreement.

Andy Hamilton, the UK’s number 1 online supplier of auto accessories and store Euro Car Parts, warned of an additional £100 a year cost for domestic owners if the government does not step in the rejection of new EU rules. It is estimated that as cars will be required to use only branded products, it will increase the total cost of £2.4 billion per year for car owners.


An agreement with the United States promised to avoid a “competitive devaluation” of the Vietnamese shield

For months, the United States had been pressuring Vietnam on a surge in exchange rate policy and trade surplus with the US. The Trump administration declared Vietnam its currency manipulator in the final weeks of its office and threatened to impose punitive tariffs on imported Vietnamese goods.

On July 19, the U. S. Treasury and the Central Bank of Vietnam said it reached an agreement in a joint statement that it was obliged under IMF rules “to avoid currency manipulation to prevent effective balance of payments adjustments or gain unfair competitive advantage and to avoid any competitive devaluation of the shield.” The Bank of Vietnam agreed to “gradual flexibility in raising exchange rates”, allowing the shield to change as the country’s market and economic fundamentals developed and making its currency policy and exchange rate framework more modern and transparent.


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